About ZEMITA System
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About ZEMITA System

by 비회원 2020. 4. 14.


ZEMITA E-Sparring System (ZESS) Guide

Overall Features

  • Aiming & Motivation
  • Enhancing Concentration
  • Strengthening Stamina with fun
  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • Financial Regeneration


Zemita E-Sparring System (ZESS) measures the speed, the power, and the reaction speed of your kicking and punching, using various products with an impact detection sensor, Bluetooth transmitter and various mobile apps.

It is a sparring system that allows two to four people or two to four teams to spar directly or indirectly.

The system allows men and women of all ages to spar with fun without any danger of injury.


Measure: Speed, Power, Reaction Speed(time)

Competiton: Speed Kick (punch), Speed+Power / Individual, Team


Gym / School

It enables you to enjoy the sparring in schools or gyms with enhanced concentration and engagement, and double the effect of exercise.


Competition / Event

It enables you to experience various types of competition in exciting and effective ways without any risk of injury.


Game / Activity

It provides exciting and realistic hitting activity to people of all ages as arcade game.




Products Line-up

  • Portable

  • Attachable

  • Wearable




Sensitivity and Recommended Ages

  • Recommended Ages

  • Other ages available with the recommended ages’ power


   ZESS Double Paddle



ZESS Kick Mitt



ZESS Arm Mitt



ZESS Shield


ZESS Fanta Punching Bag


ZESS E-Chest Guard


ZESS Round Shield


ZESS Airbag Mitt


ZESS Torso Pad




ZESS E-Breaking Board


  • Sensitivity can be a little different even between the same models 
  • Sensitivity can be different according to the various conditions.
  • Recommended ages is nothing but a reference.